Inspire yourself by rediscovering the power inside you
To be an authentic woman is to understand that you are a human being first. As a human being, you have the full right to decide for yourself. It is up to you and no one else can decide for you. Be it a religion, man, family or society. When you feel you can breathe freely and have your space without asking, apologizing or feeling guilty then you have understood what is to be an authentic woman. To become your authentic self, you must discover your own strengths and weakness and use tools and skills to get out of your comfort zone. You might just surprise yourself.

Proven skills of Self-Discovery
When growing up I was an active child, I was everywhere in my school. You name it and I was there. This was because I enjoyed everything that caught my eye – I was a learner and I still am. In our annual school function I always wanted to do something, so I would ask my teachers for a role in a drama, sing in a group or to just join the debate. But most of all I wanted to help people and to sing. I joined the SOS Village, the Mother Teresa group, Buddhist monastery groups and many other initiatives.

As time passed I forgot all about it became busy with my job and life. Yes, I did let go and just focused on the basic things. But I still do contribute to charity and I do sing for myself sometimes.

Why am I telling you this? Because I know a lot of you have given something up and felt lost at times, just like I did. We women are great givers rather than takers. We now have to re-learn everything that has been taught to us and redefine what is important to us. I have created a program to suit all us women. We will re-learn how to live life. How to undo all that needs to go and keep what needs to stay. It is a whole makeover as an individual. This workshop will give you tools and skills to become a transformed you.

Kaldan brings her vision to life through three key initiatives:
1. More women leaders, entrepreneurs, and consultants in companies and organizations
2. Global Authentic Women groups that empower girls and women
3. One o one coaching for women and girls