Spiritual Healing

We live in high tech, fast speed and have become depended on chemicals. My effort and vision is to show you another way to get connected to your core where you are aware, compassionate and have a happy life. It is time we explore these abilities that we all have within us and we need not look answers constantly outside of us.

Spiritual healing is when science does not have an answer to your question. It is an ancient knowledge passed through generation to generation and has helped many people around the world. It is simple, easy and can be done by anyone who is ready to commit to themselves and must have patience.

What is not is, it is not a placebo, miracle, magic or hocus pocus, medical science is also looking into it now?

What is Healing?

Just like a broken machine cannot fix itself, we cannot heal ourselves without being aware and taking action about it, here we are not talking about only physical healing, but rediscovering ourselves on a spiritual, mental and emotional level

Life has a way of making us break down, no matter how strong we are or how hard we try. Sometimes, we have been facing hardships or trauma for so many years, that we do not even know that we need healing. 

If you are focusing on negative thinking and action and are overwhelmed or find it hard to let go, it may just be time to heal yourself. 
Healing, in the literal sense of the term, is the process of regaining health and restoring vigor, so that we can go back to living our best lives. 

Western medicine focuses more on physical or physiological health, while the alternative healing therapies focus on the cause of the problem in an individual. 

Once your body and mind is healed, you can look for a new beginning in your life.

Kaldan workshop on Spiritual healing called 
*The heart from which I heal*

In this workshop, you will learn about yourself and how you can heal yourself through a different kind of methods.

The workshop is divided into 3 simple steps

  1. Meeting yourself


Hurt and pain

  1. Learning to unfold the lotus 

Appreciate and becoming successful in your life

The breath

  1. Releasing


Letting go 

Including breath, silence, sound, body movement, discussion, Q&A and homework.

This workshop is for 2 days. 

From 9:00 am to 16:00 pm