Learn how to inspire yourself and others
“Small steps to self transformation can make a big difference in one’s life”
Kaldan Doma – who is counted among the best motivational speakers in India for students, as well as abroad – believes in the power of transformation for young minds.
Within you, you have the power to influence your class, school, university, community and the world. But before changing anything externally, you need to learn how to overcome your own shortcomings. Through this knowledge, you can transform yourself and become your authentic self. This newfound secret power will help you in achieving your goals and dreams.

You will be able to take on new challenges. You will be able to inspire others. You will empower them to make those changes within themselves. This, in turn, will make your class, school, university, community and the world a better place for everyone.

Motivational Speakers In India For Students

Proven skills of self-discovery
As one of the most renowned motivational speakers in India for students, Kaldan wants every teen to be empowered with life skills that suit them as individuals.
Kaldan’s interactive talks with students are unique experiences. She carries her students to another level; at one moment, they could be laughing and at another, listening carefully and being challenged by her heartfelt words. Both Kaldan’s speaking style and content have been validated and and approved by parents, who believe in her transformational abilities. Kaldan has lectured for classes and assemblies of youth in schools in Malmö. She has been featured in Sydsvenskan, SVT, Skånska Dagbladet as well as the Times of India.

Three key initiatives for the youth:
1. Empower the youth in understanding that everyone is a human being first.
2. Spreading awareness on how to handle life as it comes by nurturing the life skills.
3. Creating authentic young leaders who can create a world of peace and better place for everyone to live in.

Lectures in schools about – Mindfulness & Life Skills

Mindfulness, self-confidence & finding you’re creativity