Mindtraining and Mindfulness De-Stress Program

Mind training should be taught to everyone. It is the basic neccessarity for ones own good health and long life. The amount of people going for sick leave because of stress, anxiety has increased as we have to cope up with the modern technology, we were not prepared for it. so in this fast moving world around you how do you find that calmness, inner peace and happiness every one is looking for.

This program is specially designed by Kaldan after her years of experience in this field. It can be taught to school children to company ceo’s. Mindtraining is the basic foundation and mindfulness is the structure to make it hold the wholeness of all human beings health and life.This is a proven method which Kaldan has applied on her clients and they have made remarkable transformation in their respective parts of their lives.

How does mindtraining/mindfulness training work?

Kaldan has divided this program into 3 steps. The first step is explanations of the training, discussion and doing piratical exercises.

Mindfulness for Stress Reduction is a program that includes 12 step for (16 weeks).

Then you will practice once or twice a day for 10 minutes after you have learned the 16-week program and personal assessment given my kaldan on what daily practice you should do and on what.

After 16 weeks you will be given access to the app which you can use on your smartphone, tablet or on your computer.

How many times a week? and what will the training program includes:

Training takes place once a week for 1 hours. After 16 weeks you will be given access to the app which you can use on your smartphone, tablet or on your computer. This daily practice which you will decide when and where you will do. It will take you 10 minutes for this practice as you will see how that 16-week program is helping you in dealing with your everyday life. This daily practices a day will transform and train your brain. You will notice a drastic change in yourself and your surrounding.

Benefits of Kaldan Program

Kaldan believes that if you do not experiment Mind training/mindfulness yourself you cannot make a conclusion on a blind belief.

The benefits can vary from individual to individual as the program has been made for individuals needs.

The effect of this training can vary from person to person, do not expect the same result as the other participants. Everyone has a unique and different way of getting the results.

As we all know the benefits of mindfulness are now very well proven and new research articles are being published all the time. After completing the program, you can repeat the exercises as many times as you wish. There is no limitation in time.