Lead with me

Power of sync

How to lead a team and an organization?

Today’s leaders must take a new approach and that is necessary to evolve the culture of their organization into a new model of leadership and you need to be prepared as such an evolution is no longer just an option. Business today exists within a global realm and requires a new kind of greatness that both embraces and fully utilizes that global aspect. But how do leaders find, embrace, and develop that greatness that the world needs.

If you want to come on the top than it is no use to waste your time and your resources on damaging others. You need to change the game for yourself and be ready to face these questions.

  • As leader what do you know about your organization?
  • How to tap into the most important fact about your organization, which will determine if you stay or you are out of the game?
  • What will make you different than others to remain on the top?
  • What makes a top skilled and talented member to be loyal to you?
  • What makes a customer loyal to you?

In this presentation Kaldan will share with you:

You will discover-

  • What motivates the mind of your top skilled and talented member and your customers
  • Why do leaders fail to follow through?
  • How do you make them take actions?
  • Is technical skill important and if yes, how far?
  • What is the global market leaders doing to transform their business?

This presentation is for leaders who can commit to see the change and rediscover what it takes to be the next generation leadership.

Authentic loyalty
Integrity and sincerity the hard reality

How to lead and retain the Generation Next Top talent to be loyal?

Have you experienced or heard of a top employee clearing her or his desk and walking out of the office? You and others have wondered why?

Well, the way it was and the way it is has changed a lot as we all know or have experienced it. 

We know that loyalty is not easy to come or get from an employees these days. But here I am not speaking about just loyalty, I am talking about *Authentic loyalty*.

Why is authentic loyalty important?

Authentic loyalty is important because you are looking for a person who just does not turn up for their job but a person who thinks about the company where they can use their skills, abilities and talent to make a difference for themselves and others. They have a deep sense of connection with you and the organization. It is a place where they learn and grow. 

The cooperate winner are going to be decided by the *Generation Next* those who fail to attract and retain them will lose. This is the hard truth most cooperate must wake to.

In an Interactive Strategy Session, Kaldan shares how to develop Employees by focusing on:

  • What Creates Loyalty today?
  • The Characteristics of a Notable Leader
  • Creating a culture the generates fierce loyalty
  • Why Purpose Matters More Than Profit in creating a stronger bottom line
  • Cooperation, Collaboration, Contribution, Community 
  • The Power of Storytelling

Design Clear Intent
Product, service and brand

How to get the loyal customers?

To have or get loyal customer is a challenge for the companies as the value of your customers have changed a lot. 

Today’s customers just don’t want to buy, they are demanding what they want from you. If you company is not transparent and driven by a purpose then they are not interested in buying your products. Your company needs to be socially and environmentally friendly. If not you lose your customers.

What will it take for your company and organization to keep the customer to be loyal to your products?

How will you create the core connection with your customers?

Kaldan shares how to develop Loyal Customers by focusing on:

  • Find out why your organization has been unable to build the authentic leadership needed to create an authentic loyal customer base.
  • You will have a direct experience how your business can stand the test of time in the disruptive customer dominant environment.
  • Discover why knowing how to share your organizations story is the magnet that will pull your ideal client to you.
  • Uncover the specific strategies and brain science to have your customers think of your brand with love
  • Solve the mystery of why your customer base are already eyeing up your competition.
  • Discover why “Community” is killing retail outlets, and what you can do to have your customers see you as a center of a community they deeply desire to be part of.

If you are in a business that recognizes how people buy has dramatically changed, and you want to make sure that you are at the leading edge of having them not only buy from you, but into you and your organization make sure you bring Kaldan in right away.

Removing the Mask

How Authenticity Increases Loyalty, Productivity and Profit?

The new generation of high performing leaders understand the value and importance of business and success being people-driven.  Not only are they using the latest technologies and strategies to disrupt their industries, they also recognize something old-school leaders never truly grasped: Soft skills (like Emotional Intelligence and being Purpose Driven) have the greatest impact on your bottom-line.

In this interactive presentation Kaldan walks each of the participants through developing leaders who can lead themselves, their teams, and whole organizations more effectively.

Removing the mask leadership is about removing the masks of who we appear to be and revealing who we really are to ourselves and to our people. This in turn removes the barriers the block loyalty, productivity, engagement and ultimately profit.

Make sure that you catch this presentation to find out:

  • How companies with leaders who embrace vulnerability outperform competitors with bigger and better resources
  • How vulnerability truly has the power to Generates Fierce Loyalty
  • How the current and prevalent leadership style maybe plaguing your company and negativity impacting your bottom line.
  • Three sentences guaranteed to generate fierce loyalty
  • How to make sure your top-tier talent doesn’t go to your competitor
  • Why being a Leader automatically generates leaders inside your organization
  • How vulnerability is the ultimate charismatic trait


A Champion’s Spot Light

The Leader Who Is Ready To Step Away From the Top. 

What will you leave behind as your Legacy?  

If you are at that stage of life where you are expected to step down, but you know you’re not done…  If you are ready to discover who you ‘are’ beyond the identity of who you ‘were’… If you suspect that your story, your experience could have tremendous value to those coming up, then this is the presentation for you. Because learning how to tell your story from this place will likely be the most powerful and empowering experience of your life, it is your legacy!

You can ask yourself what next will and should I do?

You usually define and describe yourselves often with what you do and you may have got accolades, recognition and awards. You thought you have made a mark in this world as you have made wonderful achievements as it dawns on you that you no longer have that position you somehow feel lost. When the time comes for you to step down then it can feel like a lost your identity. You can feel invisible.

This is can be difficult and challenging for you as the spot light are no longer there for you. The character or the person you had been is no longer apparent. This can be devastating for your self-esteem, your relationships and you’re Finances.

The question you had never asked yourself is who am I? 

When and if you can answer the question depends on how ready you are to make that shift. You may feel that your moment is over and it’s over for you but that is not true.

Now you need to change the game plan.

In this interactive talk Kaldan Doma will show you… 

  • Why even the most accomplished leader can feel lost at the thought of stepping down
  • Why contrary to what you may have been told; your best is Not behind you but ahead of you
  • How to tap into the full and mostly untouched potential of who you are (beyond your past accolades)
  • How to take the worst thing that happened to you and make it into the springboard that will propel you too new and greater heights
  • Why stepping away is your golden ticket for future success
  • How to discover and leverage these untouched resources so that you can make an even greater impact, become a hero again and create a powerful legacy!