How to inspire others
There are a different types of leaders, all unique in their own style and personality, as they are different individuals.

For example as a leader if you show trust, respect and resilience towards yourself and your team when faced with crisis you create and build a positive relationship with your team and organization.

When you lead with openness you will see how everything will change in your surroundings. An authentic leader is emotional intelligent, strategic thinking, has vision and drive. As leader if you embraces these qualities you will enhance and transform not only yourself but also your organization, family, society, and world.

Proven skills for leadership
While running my company for last 17 years I did learn a lot about how to strategically think, plan, deliver, communicate, influence, manage people, economy and handle change. These processes were not easy. It demanded time, patience’s and perseverance as I had to learn things the hard way. I had to constantly show my resilience and my leadership skills in different situations in my work and personal life.

The most important teaching the process had given me was an experience even money would not give me. I am very grateful for it. I decided to share my experience and knowledge by creating my talks and workshop. If you are looking for total new experience and are willing to make those changes and transformation within you then come to my talks or join me in my workshop called *lead with me*

Kaldan bring her vision to life through two key initiatives:
1. Promoting human values for companies and organization
2. Global authentic leader with conscious wisdom for individual leaders
3. One o one coaching