How to inspire yourself and be successful
“Failure is just life teaching you how to be successful”
Choosing to be an entrepreneur is like choosing any other career. As an entrepreneur, you want to make a difference, have a positive effect on the world and at the same time have the freedom, money and time for yourself. In this journey, you are not alone. Kaldan Doma – one of the best corporate motivational speakers in India and abroad – is here to help you make that journey successfully.

If you are just starting your business, then you need to explore, learn new skills and develop the qualities that you will help you have a successful business. With many years of experience as an entrepreneur, life advisor and business strategist, Kaldan has dedicated her life to empowering clients everywhere. She is now known as one of the foremost motivational speakers for corporate events in India as well as abroad.

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Proven skills for entrepreneurs

To start your company in a foreign country is never easy, especially when you don’t know the language. It takes a while for you to learn the ropes, understand the law, adapt to bookkeeping norms, and figure out other details. It took Kaldan a while and she had to struggle a lot to prove herself every time she wanted to launch something or do something new or different, since the business culture of the country was different from where she came from. Now, as a successful corporate motivational speaker, she is able to share these lessons with other entrepreneurs who face similar struggles.

In her own words:
“This was to become my quest and process. I did struggle a lot, but I never gave up. People today know that my product is genuine, has a lasting effect and has given my clients the results that they wanted. How do I know that for sure? Even 17 years later, my clients still thank me and refer me to other people. I hope you feel inspired by my story and never give on yourself. Be honest, open and kind to yourself and never listen to others’ opinions – it is only their perception of you, but deep inside you know yourself well.”

Being an entrepreneur can be stressful and risky – you need to be confident about yourself and know your strengths well – after all, you are a unique individual who brings something different to the table. You can benefit from Kaldan’s rich experience and knowledge by bringing her on as a motivational speaker for corporate events in India.

So, cheers to all the entrepreneurs out there in their journey of finding themselves and becoming successful.