7 Things You Should be Grateful About in Your Life

grateful in life

           7 Things You Should be Grateful About in Your Life Let me start with the story of my client Oliver who was going through a personal crisis a few weeks ago. He was a married man with a son. He belonged to a huge family and loved to entertain his kins. Every year, he would invite his relatives from near …

Dealing With Friendships and Relationships

Dealing with friendships and relationships

Dealing with friendships and relationships It is often said that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. Think about who those five people are for you – are they friends, colleagues, partners or parents? And what do these relationships mean to you? When we think of the word ‘relationship’, we immediately think about …

Youth and Travel

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Why Young People Should Give Importance to Travelling Like most people around the world, I had also taken a Christmas/New Year vacation with my family. One interesting observation I made this time around was the number of youth tourists. I met a 19-year-old girl called Daisy who had already traveled at least 15 countries across Europe and Asia at her …




Everyone wants money, and everyone wants to grow rich, but not everyone does! New businesses open every now and then, stories and secrets of how people ‘made it big’ are also featured by the everywhere, but not all of them are true. Many of the businesses and enterprises fail, a few of them actually make profit. Even then, it generally …

Sadness and Grief

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How to deal with sadness and grief In our pursuit of happiness, we often forget that sadness and grief are part of the human experience. Most of us believe that if we put in hard work and effort, we can find true happiness. The truth about sadness and grief, however, is far from this. It is easier to fall into …

How can you create breakthrough in your life?

How can you create breakthrough in your life?

Creating a breakthrough in your life is not as hard as it seems, a right and thoughtful strategy will help you do wonders in life. Let’s look at the key points and a story explaining that it is well within our reach. Goals matter a lot People want to change their lives and be successful. However, they either don’t have …