Ask Kaldan
Do you want to embark on a personal journey to meet your authentic self and find success? Do you feel the need to build a strong core foundation to build a new life and achieve higher goals for yourself?

You are not alone. You can have the support and guidance of one of the best female motivational speakers in the world – Kaldan Doma, a successful entrepreneur, life coach and business strategist with almost two decades of experience.

Kaldan has formulated her strategies and tools to guide people to take their life to the next level. She wants people to achieve an extraordinary quality of life for themselves and to live every day in an authentic state of mind. Her clients have seen this in action, and she is one of the most effective female motivational speakers In India as well as abroad. And now, with the goal of reaching out to even more people, she has made her core concepts available for all of you.

● Are you trying to achieve a balanced life?
● Do you want to make a difference in the life of others around you?
● Have you been struggling to nurture loving relationships with near and dear ones?
● Do you want to see massive improvements in your career or business?
● Are you feeling stuck in your life?
● Do you find you self obsessing over the people or the things in your life? Do you struggle with parenting or dealing with in-laws?
● Do you seek financial freedom and independence?
● Are you constantly battling negative thoughts?
● Have you been wondering how to improve your studies or grades?
● Do you want to learn how to overcome abuse and emerge stronger for it?
● Are you the kind of person who fears the pain of getting hurt?
● Do you want to learn how to overcome guilt or improve your self-confidence?
● Have you been struggling with letting go or releasing control?

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