Who am I?
Most of us ask ourselves this question at one time or another in life. Here, I’ll try to answer this question about myself, so that you can form an image of who I am.

I was brought up in a Tibetan family in India. While I am a university graduate who also has studied Buddhist philosophy, my first teachers in life were my father and mother.

Growing up in this diverse cultural setting, I had the fortune to learn how to look beyond our social and cultural programming. This, in turn, helped me understand and overcome the conditioning we all face in one way or the other.

Early on, I started running my own business Norbuling – a mind training and meditation academy – in 2001. Moving to the West came with all sorts of challenges as well as joys. I was involved in many different projects: inspirational projects for youth and children, recording a music album with female prison inmates, coaching unemployed people, helping refugees and arranging leadership workshops for companies.

Even though I have held a range of positions – as a recruiter, a project manager and even as a CEO, what has moved me forward has been to see and meet myself and those around me as human beings with human needs, leaving all labels aside. Today, I am proud to be on the list of the most inspirational speakers In India as well as other countries.

This might sound basic, but to really see and understand ourselves is not easy. Detaching from negative emotions and thoughts about ourselves, those around us, and our circumstances was – as I found out – not as simple as it might sound.

People around me began telling me that I had a skill for this. They were inspired by how I used these skills as an engine to give momentum to all of my projects and to myself. I started getting requests to share this perspective with them. That interest expanded into me now sharing my perspective and experience as a life coach and one of the foremost motivational and inspirational speakers in India.

– Kaldan